For a Life of Sacred Subversion & Creative Confidence 


Divine Circus Oracle


Within you there is a free spirit that refuses to be defined by social stereotypes and believes it is your right to live your dreams, no matter how weird or creative they may be, and to have fun whilst doing so.



You are part of a spiritual revolution happening on this planet. It’s a revolution of love triumphing over fear, of creativity over the same-old same-old, of individuality instead of toeing the line, of creating new consciousness even if it means breaking old rules.


Join the Divine Circus to zap the zombie-like, do-what-you’re-told way of the world, and embrace the genius of your own creative, free, wild spirit.


Features artwork by Maxine Gadd, Gracjana Zielinska, Melanie Delon, Nell Fallcard, Anna Marine, Lunar Sparks, Yuehui Tang, Monique Tulp, Babette Van Den Berg


44 cards and 136-page guidebook set, packaged in a hard cover box.


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DIVINE CIRCUS EP - What We Are Made Of

Our debut EP features five tracks - what we are made of - Blood, Bone, Guts, Breath and Light. Inspired by the five-element traditional Chinese medicine philosophy, this is dance music with a soulful healing difference. 


We are currently creating our full album of divinely defiant musical deliciousness, but if you just can't wait (and why should you?) download our EP or buy it old school on CD here. 

what we are made of CD
  1. Blood (My Love Song to Life) (club mix) (7.03)
  2. Bone (Mother Knows) (forest mix) (5.09)
  3. Guts (Find your way) (club mix) (5.56)
  4. Breath (Unknown destiny) (club mix) (5.54)
  5. Light (Beyond these eyes) (club mix) (5.01)
  6. Bonus - Guts (Find your way) (radio edit) (3.24)
  7. Bonus - Breath (Unknown destiny) (radio edit) (4.02)
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Need a quick divine fix? Download the EP and our new single

"Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope."


Theodore Geisel