Divine Circus Mission Statement

Our mission is to be alive. Not just exist, but really live and ignite the body and soul of those that dare to be free! We believe that underneath every exterior beats the wild loving heart of a divine creature, busting to break free of control and craving to really live life. We create music and magic to liberate that wild, gorgeous being within you.


Our mission is to play with passion. To be real. To have fun. To dance. We don't care if you haven't danced in years, usually only dance 'on the inside' are a disco-bunny or club-hopping podium-poser with some serious moves. We invite you to be who you are, celebrate your individuality, to let your body come to life - along with your spirit - and to live your divine destiny ... which means to become you, in truth, without fear or doubt. 


If we can awaken that in you by generating so much positive wild loving energy that you feel on a high and don't want it to end - then why not? We can get so focused on the struggle in the journey of life, sometimes we just need to remember to step into our capacity for surrender, joy and ecstatic wild abandon ... and remember that in our hearts beats a tribal angel soul. 

"All creative people want to do the unexpected."


Hedy Lamarr