Let's Play!


Divine Circus invites you into an unpredictable and strangely beautiful world of unconventional creativity and visual excitement to awaken the soul.


It’s divine liberation through sacred play and the delicious anticipation of magic about to happen. It’s bent. It’s startling. It’s your loving wake-up call to embrace what sets you apart from the crowd.


At the heart of Divine Circus is Alana Fairchild, the singing, dancing, best-selling author and spiritual teacher from Australia. With stunning oracle decks and catchy, accessible, foot-tapping, feel-good tunes, Divine Circus is not just something you listen to, read or watch, it’s an experience you have, are moved by ... it gets inside of you and opens you up to love.


A bit eccentric, definitely unconventional, Divine Circus generates energy, aliveness and most of all, love, because where there is love, anything is possible. Love will always find a way.

Nothing but love and respect for our beautiful Circus freaks


"I loved your event from the beginning right to the end, my soul was screaming for more by the end, this is divine light, you have to be a global movement ... an amazing experience of angelic music ... purchased your cd at your concert and listening to it every day and cherishing it like a jewel in the crown, thanks a million and continue being awesome in every way beautiful human beings." (DB) 



“A night of dancing on your music is a completely unique amazing experience. I love the freedom. Being in a group of people who just want to have a fun in such loving environment is so rare. I came alone as my friend cancelled on last minute and even thought I am shy person, I felt safe and people were just friendly, smiling that I end up dancing for two hours and had a lot of fun. It is total celebration of love, life and freedom in conscious fun way.” (LP)


Feedback from our shows is amazing ... including the venue manager from our launch party who 'wondered what on earth was going on in there!' because he had never seen people who were so happy and buzzing with energy that they proceeded to cheer in the rain when the fire department turned up (we were so hot we set off the fire alarms!), danced out of the hall for a bathroom break and danced back in again, and even danced down the stairs on the way home. 

Find out what the crazy magic of the Divine Circus is all about for yourself. Keep up to date with our next gigs, find us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter. See you soon on our all-loving dancefloor x

"Keep the circus going inside you, keep it going, don't take anything too seriously, it'll all work out in the end."


David Niven